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Looking for solutions to help reduce the odor at your poultry processing facility? Here at PitCharger, we can provide your business with professional odor reduction and manure management solutions. Our experts have worked with businesses of all sizes in the poultry industry, and we can help your company, farm, or organization do the same! Contact PitCharger to get a free quote for your personalized services today!


What is Poultry Odor Reduction?

Poultry odor is the distinctive smell that poultry plants sometimes give off. It's a kind of manure smell that can hang in the air and create an unpleasant working environment for those who have to be regularly exposed to it. If your poultry processing facility has been struggling with poultry odor management, then the experts at PitCharger are ready to help you. We can provide professional poultry manure management services to help reduce the odor at your operation, making it a safer and healthier place for everyone to be. Learn more about our odor reduction services and see how PitCharger can help you.


Solid Buildup Can Back You Up

Have you heard the expression "solid as a rock?" When it comes to poultry manure, that phrase couldn't be more true. Solid poultry manure buildup can clog up your poultry processing equipment, causing back ups and costly repairs. Not only does this affect your poultry processing operation, but it also results in poultry odor problems and water contamination issues for your business. If you want to reduce your solid buildups at your poultry plant, then partnering with PitChanger is the perfect option for you. Learn more about our solid buildup solutions to get relief for your operation.


Too Much Food Can Be a Bad Thing

Feed spills happen, and while it's never a good thing for a poultry farm or plant to have this happen, the problems could just be starting. Lingering grains and corn pith can be hard to break down and move. This can cause even more poultry litter and poultry manure buildup, which can create even more poultry odor problems for your business. Water runoff could even result in spoiled feed ending up spilled out into the environment. To avoid these issues at your poultry plant, partner with the experts here at PitCharger. Learn more about our feed digester solutions to see how we can help your business.

Use PitCharger For Your Poultry Operation

Want to increase the value and efficiency of your poultry plant, farm, or operation? PitCharger is here to help you. We can help reduce the odor of your poultry plant and help make it a better place for everyone. Contact us to answer any questions you may have and to get started on your services today with a free quote!

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