Where Can You Use PitCharger?

PitCharger may be utilized in a variety of settings, including lagoons, underground pits, pull plugs, feeding operations, and pumping stations. There's a method for PitCharger to assist no matter how your cattle operation is structured.

Treatment Solutions

The structure of PitCharger products are used to promote bioaugmentation in manure. The use of these substances is associated with a reduction in odors throughout the operation by working on the manure, an increase in plant-available elements, and an improved environment for both workers and animals. A major benefit of the smell reduction is that cattle are more likely to maintain weight and live a healthier life overall. Continue reading to discover how PitCharger products contribute to your cattle barn's success.


Cattle Barn Odor Reduction

Odor is one of the most important concerns for cattle farmers. When cattle are in close contact with each other, their waste builds up quickly and forms pungent odors that can spread to neighboring properties. Due to cattle's strong sense of smell they will avoid these areas if at all possible. The treatment of cattle barn odors is not only an issue for the cattle farmer, but also can be a serious disturbance for nearby neighbors. If you need professional cattle odor reduction, then be sure to partner with PitCharger. Learn more about our odor reduction services to see how we can help your cattle farm or business today!

Manure Crust & Fly Issues

With modern high fiber feed and water efficiency, manure pits can develop a crust over them that houses harmful bacteria. This crust forms the perfect habitat for flies who can carry harmful diseases and bacteria. The crust can also halt the decomposition process, increasing odors and allowing more flies to wreak havoc on your barn or business. Here at PitCharger, our crust digesting products can help break down and dissolve manure crusts, helping to break down solids easier. Learn more about manure crusts and flies and see how our business can help yours.


Break Down Grain Solid Buildups

 Whether it's from feed, waste storage, or lagoons, solid build up is never a good thing for cattle farmers and ranchers. Solid build up can cause cattle to become sick or lose weight, if not properly managed. It also creates the perfect habitat for cattle pens, holding areas, and loafing sheds stinking with ammonia. Our odor control products are made from all-natural minerals that are 100% safe to use around cattle, horses, pets, children, vegetation or any other animal or person. Learn more about our solid buildup solutions to see what we can do for your farm or business today!

 Excess Feed Digester

Not all cattle have access to food 24 hours a day. When cattle are not able to graze they will eat more feed than normal, creating excess solid waste in your cattle lagoons and holding pens. This can lead to excess build up of solids that is smelly and difficult to manage. PitCharger excess feed digester products do just what the name implies. Learn more about our feed digester solutions and be sure to get a quote for your services today!


Increased Plant-Available Nutrients

PitCharger gives cattle access to more plant-available nutrients while breaking down manure, which is one of the reasons it's so popular among cattle barns. This includes nitrogen, reduced salts, minimal solids, and skimmed crusts. Overall, this provides a better habitat for cattle while also reducing the number of flies in the vicinity.

Increase Quality Of Manure

The use of PitCharger can also help to improve the quality of the cattle manure. More nitrogen is retained and applied in the fields by lowering barn gas emissions and odors. The reduction in odor will result in less complaints from individuals using the manure in the fields. On top of that, the manure will stay in the ground longer as a result of our bioaugmentation technique, providing additional value to the field that it was used on.

Use PitCharger To Improve Your Hog Operations Today!


All of these reasons show how beneficial the PitCharger system can be for hog operations. Not only does it help to reduce odor, flies, and solids buildup, but it also aids in the digestion of feed. If you are looking for a solution that will help your hog farm run more smoothly, then look no further than PitCharger!


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