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PitCharger & Hog Operations

When you’re running a hog operation, you’re going to have to deal with manure. Given that is the case, you’re also going to have to deal with large quantities of flies, which can make the operation smell pretty bad and less than ideal to spend time in. The good news is, PitCharger is a solution that can help you tackle odor, manure breakdown, and flies all at once. Learn more about this odor solution and how it can help at your hot operation.

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Where Can You Use PitCharger?

PitCharger can be used in a variety of areas including lagoons, underground pits, pull plugs, feedlots, and pumping stations. Regardless of how your hog operation is set up, there’s a way that PitCharger can help.

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Treatment Solutions

PitCharger’s products are used on manure to cause bioaugmentation. The results of this use are a reduction in odors throughout the operation, increased plant-available nutrients, and an all around better environment for employees and animals alike. With the odor reduction, animals are able to gain weight faster and stay healthier in the long run. That being said, the benefit doesn’t stop there. Keep reading to see how PitCharger products continue to provide benefits to your hog operation.

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Increased Plant-Available Nutrients

One of the many reasons that hog operations utilize PitCharger is because of the increased plant-available nutrients that it provides while breaking down manure. This includes nitrogen, reduced salts, reduced solids, and reduced crusts. All in all, this provides a better environment for hogs while also reducing the number of flies in the area.

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Increase Quality of Manure

Manure from the hogs is also going to benefit from the use of PitCharger. More nitrogen is retained and applied in the fields by reducing the odor and gasses given off in the barns. Due to the reduced odor of the manure, less complaints will arise when using it in the field. The manure will also stay in the soil longer due to the bioaugmentation process that we mentioned above, providing more benefit to the field that it was used in.

Use PitCharger In Your Hog Operation

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