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Manure Management Solutions for Livestock Producers


Why do you need a pit additive in your manure pit or lagoon?

Producers must deal with state mandated manure management regulations and maintain their facilities while considering the bottom line. Monitoring the condition of a manure system and treating it early with a pit additive can catch a small problem before it becomes a big problem. Adding PitCharger products offers a good return on your livestock production investment and also increases the quantity and quality of manure as fertilizer.

PitCharger products are all natural and chemical free!

Odor Assessment Program

Look beyond odor regulations.       

It's YOUR community and YOUR neighbors!

PitCharger’s odor program offers a step-by-step plan for livestock odor assessment and odor reduction. You don't have to deal with the problems yourself! Our 20 years of expertise can help you resolve and deal with odor issues. The odor program we are offering includes assessment of odors, a plan for odor reduction and data to substantiate your efforts. 

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The natural decomposing process can be stalled out due to a lower dissolved oxygen level, pH, detergents, and/or feed types. When a system gets out of balance, solids or crusting takes over.

PitCharger is added directly to pits and lagoons, usually on a monthly basis. PitCharger uses anaerobic, aerobic and multi-facultative bacteria.

The anaerobic bacteria works best on the bottom sludge and digestion. Aerobic and multi-facultative work best in the upper layers of the lagoon to digest fiber and reduce odors.


Pitcharger's all natural and chemical free bacterial and enzyme products accelerate manure's natural decomposing process. Proven results!

  • Accelerates the natural decomposition to reduce odor.

  • Digests cellulose fiber to break up crust.

  • Helps eliminate crust as breading ground for flies.

  • Provides an adequate bacteria population to liquefy manure.


A great return on your investment isn't just in dollars but in the quality of life.

  • Healthier animals reduces the need for antibiotics and lowers animal mortality rates.
  • Provides a healthier work environment for employees and family. 
  • An active bacterial population decreases the risk of dangerous gases.
  • Less odor means fewer environmental issues and community complaints.
  • Pump-out results in additional storage capacity and higher quality and quantity for use as fertilizer.

How was your last pump-out?

A manure management plan that includes PitCharger enhances your total farm operation.