Products that aid in building soil health, breaking down manure, industrial waste,  and reducing odorous gases

Our products aid in building soil health, breaking down manure, reducing odorous gases, and eliminating crust and flies.

PitCharger's bacteria and enzymes accelerate the decomposition of manure, industrial waste and solids buildup. When the natural decomposition process is halted, our products jumpstart and then maintain a well-balanced waste remediation process. Odors, solids, crust, foam, feed spills and other problems can all be rectified with our expertise and products.


Reduce Odor

Reduces odor by 50% in 24 hours and maintains reduced odor

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Feed Spill Digester

Decomposes spilled grain hulls and other organic material

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crust & Flies

Breaks down pit and lagoon crust and reduces fly populations

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liquefy solids

Breaks down manure and waste solids increasing storage capacity as well as yields for field applications

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Collapses foam in barns and industrial tanks

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Increases a plant's ability to stay healthy, withstand drought conditions and provide greater yields

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Why do you need an additive?

PitCharger’s additives liquefy waste solids and reduce odorous gas production. Odor reduction improves animal health and working conditions for your employees. When you’re transporting waste and applying it to fields, you reduce wear and tear on machinery and the number of hours needed to transport. Better working conditions, healthier animals, happier neighbors, and less effort are the significant reasons you need PitCharger's products.

If you’re dealing with odor complaints, too many solids, flies, a floating crust in your pit or lagoon, foam, a grain spill, strong odors, or you need help complying with state environmental protection agencies we can help.

Our Products


How PitCharger® Works

PitCharger products help livestock producers, municipalities, and industries deal with waste and odor problems. The combinations of bacteria, enzymes, nitrogen binding, and odor-reducing technology work together to solve problems. Different varieties of bacteria work with each other to accelerate the breakdown of waste. Other products' additives hold nitrogen and reduce hydrogen sulfide and other gases that are given off.

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Save money and time, reduce crust, odor, flies, complaints, retain nitrogen, have a healthier work environment, and keep the employees and neighbors happy.

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