Your product is great!

"Your product is great! Our trouble lagoon sludge has dropped about a foot and our houses are about 90% clean. Thanks again!”

- Robbie Swain, Cornerstone Farm, Inc., Bolton, NC


so much fresher for the pigs

"The environment in the barns is so much fresher for the pigs and even though we don’t run the fans as much during cold weather, we don’t have the ammonia build up when we come into the barns in early morning.”

- Randy and JoAnn Berry, Winterset, IA


It works great.

“We really love not having flies in the barns in the summer! Also, in the fall when pumping we used to see a lot of solids in the semi tanker when we got towards the bottom of the pit and that made for some tough pumping into the applicator in the field. Since using PitCharger we don’t have that at all. It works great."

- JoAnn Berry, Winterset, IA


great results in liquefying

“We treat our gestation barn and get great results in liquefying the solids in the pits. And the PitCharger continues to work in both our lagoons and we have no trouble pumping them. We stopped for a period of time and could really tell the difference.”

- Dave VanHooser-Sunset, Sow Farms Holstein, IA (3,300-head sow unit with pull plugs and a two stage lagoon system.)


Flies are close to non-existent

“Since using PitCharger we haven’t had the crusting issue we previously had and flies are close to non-existent. PitCharger has done everything I was told it would do.”

- Karl Johnson, Mankato, MN