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Treat Solids in Pits and Lagoons!

Improve Quality and Quantity at Pump-out

Untreated manure solids go nowhere and cost you money!

Deep pits may have build-ups of solids that are difficult to pump. The natural bacterial population of manure systems may not be sufficient and/or become stressed under several common situations:

  • Shock loading - dumping a large amount of manure at one time
  • Antibiotics found in the manure can kill non-pathogenic bacteria
  • Over-use of disenfectants or in too great of a concentration effect the bacterial population
  • Water content of the pit
  • Changes in feed composition

Eliminating waste solids from pits and lagoons is worth the investment in time and effort!

Adding PitCharger bacterial concentration on a regular basis will provide an adequate bacteria population to reduce manure solids; liquefying the solids for maximum pumping.

Benefits of adding PitCharger to liquefy solids in pits and lagoons include:

  • Easier to agitate, pump and transport.
  • Increases the storage capacity of the pit or lagoon
  • Increases the volume pumped.
  • The gas and odor emitted during pump out is reduced as a result of liquefying  solids.

Randy, a customer in South Dakota, pumped out an additional 90,000 gallons over the previous year by using PitCharger.

What the experts say...

"Dan Andersen, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Assistant Professor of Iowa State University, noted that manure management decisions should make manure ‘logistically cheaper to move and more nutrient rich.’

Although solid manure is easier to transport, liquid manure generally retains more nitrogen, especially if it is stored in a deep pit rather than a lagoon."

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