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For a livestock producer, manure management is just part of the job!

PitCharger is part of the solution!

PitCharger offers extensive hands-on field experience and products that offer solutions. We take pride in staying current on all new technologies and continue to cultivate relationships with university experts and with environmental specialists from many of the country’s largest producers.

With the compliment of products and services we offer, and our commitment to quality service, we can recommend an efficient, cost-effective solution for just about every manure management environment.

PitCharger addresses common livestock manure problems.


As odor nuisance regulations become more stringent and more frequently implemented, every livestock producer must take action to manage the odor in their facilities.  Pitcharger products have proven effective in reducing odor.  Read more....

solids_solutions.pngA build up of solids in the bottom of the manure system is problematic. It decreases storage capacity and makes pumping difficult. PitCharger added to the manure system on a regular basis will reduce solids in your system.  Read more...

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Using a high fiber feed or DDGS increases non-digestible materials in manure systems.  Whether it is thick solids on the bottom or more crusting, more non-digestible fiber means more problems with flies, pumping and lost storage capacity.  Read more....

flies_solutions.pngOnce a crust begins to form, intervention is needed to decrease the crust, which is a perfect breeding ground for flies, Pitcharger application on a regular basis is effective in preventing crusting.  Read more....

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