Solids Buildup

Treat Solids in Pits and Lagoons!

Gain storage space by removing excess waste solids with PitCharger

What causes excessive solids to build up?

  • Lagoons, pits, and manure waste storage devices can have a buildup of solids that happens over a few months or several years.
  • Antibiotics, disinfectants, laundry soap, bleach, and other things can prevent bacteria from breaking down wastes.
  • Changes in feed or diet can alter waste breakdown. Unfortunately, you won’t know that happens until it’s time to pump out or empty the tank, pit, or lagoon.
  • Water-to-solids ratio--if there isn’t enough water, the waste solids will stay in place and continue to build year after year.

Breaking down manure and waste solids in pits and lagoons is worth the investment in time and effort.

Regular application of PitCharger’s products will aid in the breakdown and digestion of manure solids preventing buildup. Fewer solids in corners and hard to agitate places allow for a cleaner, more efficient emptying and transporting of manure and waste from lagoons and pits to the field application sites.


  • Easier to agitate, pump and transport
  • Helps to maintain storage capacity and storage capacity loss due to buildup
  • Gas and associated odors emissions decreased during pump out and agitation
  • Empty pits and lagoons mean less of a storage problem for the following year

Randy, a customer in South Dakota, pumped an additional 90,000 gallons out of a 1200 head hog barn the first year using PitCharger’s Manure Digester.

What the experts say...

"Dan Andersen, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Assistant Professor of Iowa State University, noted that manure management decisions should make manure ‘logistically cheaper to move and more nutrient rich.’

Although solid manure is easier to transport, liquid manure generally retains more nitrogen, especially if it is stored in a deep pit rather than a lagoon."

Full article here

Get a “THUMBS UP” from your pumper? Our customers do!

"We work with many producers, and our customers who use PitCharger on a consistent basis see results and a good return on their investment. When we compare manure systems that use products other than PitCharger, they just don't show the same positive results.

You can't argue with results when a producer with a 1200 head barn pumps out an additional 90,000 gallons of manure when using PitCharger."

- Deep Creek Applicators