Report a Stink

Report a Stink

Without proper odor management, hog, cattle and poultry farms as well as various industrial waste businesses produce odors that are unpleasant for nearby neighbors. If you live near one of these sources, fill out the form below so PitCharger can help!

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How PitCharger Reduces Odor

PitCharger can help farms by accelerating the natural decomposition process and thus reducing odor. With a case study conducted on a hog farm by Dr. Dwaine Bundy at Iowa State University, it was proven that PitCharger immensely lessens the amount of odor produced by the waste.

Our PitCharger products are designed for this purpose, but they also offer additional benefits that make them valuable tools in any farm or odor producing operation. Contact us today to learn more about how PitCharger can help!

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Benefits of PitCharger for Farmers and Nearby Neighbors

  • Healthier Animals, Neighbors, and Employees

    • PitCharger products increase the rate of natural decomposition, which reduces odor and improves management. In turn, these benefits help to improve animal health and welfare as well as better manage waste for a sustainable operation that’s safe for employees and neighbors.

  • Decreases the Number of Flies

    • When the odor is reduced, the number of flies decreases. Flies are vectors of disease and can be a significant problem in any farm operation. By decreasing their numbers with PitCharger products, farmers decrease the chances that they’ll lose livestock to fly-borne illnesses, as well as avoid complaints from neighbors about the number of flies near the farm.

  • Decrease Odor at Pump-Out

    • PitCharger products can also be used during pump-out to decrease odor. While utilizing the waste as fertilizer is a key piece to farming, it can produce an overbearing amount of foul odors as the farmer spreads it over their land.

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How You Can Help

If you live near a farm or other business that has odor issues, reach out to the farmer and let them know about PitCharger. They may not be aware of the product’s ability to help reduce odor, and your support could make a big difference in their operation. Odor problems can cause tension between farmers and their neighbors, so anything we can do to help reduce that tension is a good thing.

Report a Stink Today

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