Pitcharger Products

Guaranteed all natural and chemical free!

PitCharger products consist of bacteria and enzymes formulas that are effective on common manure system problems.

PitCharger products are shipped in buckets that hold up to 5 gallons. We consult with producers to determine the best product and the amount needed for each application.

PitCharger Manure Digester

Fifty-one different strains of microbes selected explicitly for their step in the process of breaking down manure and waste. The bacteria break down waste and manure and make it more viscous and easier to handle and apply. It also reduces gassing and odors by 50% or more. The result is a better smelling barn, agricultural waste lagoon, landfill, industrial waste lagoon, and an end product that is easier to remove and apply to fields. That increases your storage for next year and takes away the headache of worrying about storage space or capacity for the following year.

Manure Digester Product Label | SDS PitCharger Manure Digester 2019.pdf

PitCharger Lagoon Treatment Concentrate

LTC is a concentration of heavy duty digestive bacteria that is effective in breaking down organic waste through enzymatic production and digestion. We often use LTC as an initial product in working with severe solids and crusting problems. The bacteria in LTC are also found in Manure Digester, just not as concentrated.

LTC Product Label | SDS PitCharger LTC 2019.pdf

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New! Odor Assessment...

Consistent assessment of odor levels and implementation of an odor control plan demonstrates you are pro-active and making the effort to be a good neighbor.

Enhance your commitment to odor control with PitCharger's odor program. Our odor program looks at the WHAT...the WHY...the HOW and then...PROOF!

New! Feed Digester...

Feed spills, in combination with manure, can be difficult to clean up. If not disposed of properly, these feed spills can create a breeding ground for E-coli Bacteria, Salmonella and Parasites.

PitCharger Feed Digester consists of all natural and feed-grade enzymes that will naturally clean and eliminate harmful bacteria. It cleans inanimate organic particles and contaminants and is safe for use around animals and plants. Seed hulls and other organic materials are quickly decomposed and reduced into basic components that are easily absorbed into the environment.

Application: Apply 1 cup of Feed Digester next to the feed spill, making sure it mixes with the liquid manure. Repeat weekly until the feed is digested or flushed out of the barn.

SDS Feed Digester.pdf

Auto-Ship Program

We can ship product each month automatically. No need to call to place your order AND it is a good reminder to apply the product to your manure system.