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When Ordering...

The RIGHT Product in the RIGHT Quantity!

Don't just buy product off the shelf and hope it works!  We are here to give you solutions that are the most effective and cost savings.  We will ask questions...lots of questions. Your answers will determine how we treat your manure system.  We take into consideration all aspects of your operation.

  • Type of livestock (dairy, cattle, hog, poultry)
  • Number of head and at what stage of production (finishing, nursery, etc)
  • Confinement facility manure management structure (depth of pits, lagoon, etc.)
  • Manure management procedures (disenfectant use, water use, etc.)
  • Goals for manure pumped-out (use as fertilizer for example)

Quantity Guidelines

The biggest consideration when determining how much PitCharger product to use is the number of head and stage of production. 

  • Gestation/Farrowing...1 Quart per 250 sows
  • Nursery...1 gallon per 1,000 hogs
  • Finishing...1 gallon per 1,000 hogs

Shipping PitCharger to your facility

  • PitCharger is shipped to your facility in 5 gallon buckets and will contain the exact amount you will need to use for one treatment.
  • Quantity shipped is determined by problem, type of system and number and type of livestock.
  • Remember that Pitcharger consists of live bacteria, and should be applied within 30-45 days of receipt.
  • We recommend treatment for at least 3 months to assess the progress.


Storage and Freezing.....

Store in a cool environment. If PitCharger accidentally freezes, the bacteria simply go dormant until they are allowed to thaw.

To return to liquid state, place at normal room temperature for a day or two to thaw and then apply as usual.

PC_AUTO SHIP-Bucket.pngAuto-Ship Program

We can ship product each month automatically.  No need to call to place your order AND it is a good reminder to apply the product to your manure system.