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Reduce the Cost of Operations

PitCharger...A Good Return on Your Investment

Pit additives have become a vital part of manure management and have proven a good investment.

  • Positive effects on the health of animals and humans involved in your operation
  • Improved quality and quantity of manure pumped for use as fertilizer

As a company, PitCharger takes a consultative approach to insure you are getting the right product, in the right quantity to ensure maximum benefits. 

Why buy something that you "hope" works!  Our years of working with producers and getting results means a good return on your investment in our products. 

Healthy Pit Environment...Healthier Animals...Excellent ROI

The FDA's new antibiotic regulations that became effective in January 2017 are aimed at the use of antibiotics in food animal production. Managing the environment by using PitCharger products improves the health of animals and reduces the need for antibiotics. A year long health and welfare study involving 58,000 hogs showed a reduction in odor with the use of PitCharger. The results of a healthier environment included:

  • Decreasing the mortality rate by .007%, increasing revenue by $3675.
  • Reducing medical costs by $2225 annually.

What the experts say...

We called Dr. Broderson, of the University of Nebraska — Lincoln Veterinary Diagnostic Center, as a result of this data. He related that pit gases cause stress on the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract, resulting in respiratory diseases. By reducing these gases, you improve the probability that your hogs will not develop these tears in their airways. Therefore, pathogens are not able to establish infections in the lungs of your hogs as easily. 

Dr. Bundy’s year long Iowa State/Farmland study documented that PitCharger reduced hydrogen sulfide and ammonia along with overall odor by 50% compared with untreated buildings. This reduction is significant when you consider that the 50% reduction was measured at the source – inside the buildings – not a quarter-mile away. The same benefits that apply to the hogs also apply to humans working in these buildings or living nearby.