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Case Studies...Odor Reduction

Review facility types, the Pre-PitCharger environment and PitCharger application results. 

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Boadwine Dairy...Addition of 10-milion gallon lagoon 

Boadwine Dairy was in the process of increasing their 1000-head herd by 500 cows. Boadwine planned to add a 10-million gallon lagoon to their present storage system. Read full case study

Rolling Rock Farm...Contract feeder in Akron, CO 

Two 1,000-head pull plug buildings draining to an outside earthen basin were not draining from pits and odor had increased. Read full case study

Pembroke Oak Farms....Complaints regarding odor 

Pembroke Oaks is a 18,600 finishing/ 17,600 nursery complex located near St. Anne, IL.A farmer living about 1 mile from the facility had registered complaints regarding nuisance odors. Read full case study

IA State University....Testing levels of hydrogen sulfide in deep pits 

A deep pit facility was used to test hydrogen sulfide levels during agitation. The building, located near Waukon, Iowa, was comprised of two 500-head finishing rooms with separate pits.  Read full case study

IA State University....12 month field test at 12 separate sites 

One of the top hog producers in the county contracted with Dr. Dwaine Bundy at Iowa State University
to conduct a 12-month field test at 12 separate sites. Read full case study

Exetare-Profectio Partnership BioSystem 

The facility houses 3,000 sows and 8,000 nursery pigs. The buildings have 24” pull plug pits that recharge from the secondary lagoon. The storage system consists of a 7 million-gallon primary and a 4 million-gallon secondary lagoon. Read full case study

VALADCO CO-OP / Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 

The facility involved in the test was a 14,600-head nursery/finisher in Olvia, MN. The unit had 24” pull plugs that were recharged with lagoon water. Read full case study