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Case Studies...Crusting and Flies

Review facility types, the Pre-PitCharger environment and PitCharger application results. 

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Buser (Contract Producer)...Large deep pitted buildings 

Rich and Michelle Buser contract finish for Esbenshade Mills/Hershey Ag with two large deep pitted buildings holding 4,000 and 3,600 hogs. Read full case study

Karl Johnson...Sow and nursery operation 

Facilities include one 1,350 head sow unit and one 4000-head nursery. Build up and crusting in the pits was a definite problem resulting in fly populations. Read full case study 

Pig Hill Company...Four 800 head buildings and one 1000 head barn 

Four 800-head buildings with two-foot pits built in 1994 and a 1000-head barn with four-foot pits constructed in 1996. Read full case study