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PitCharger Products

Guaranteed all natural and chemical free!

PitCharger products consist of bacteria and enzymes formulas that are effective on common manure system problems.

PitCharger products are shipped in buckets that hold up to 5 gallons. We consult with producers to determine the best product and the amount needed for each application.

PitCharger Manure Digester

Our flagship product is a concentration of 51 different strains of living microbes engineered specifically for manure decomposition. The action of this product breaks down manure, liquefying and making it easier to pump. In this process, it also significantly reduces odors and reduces the effects of crusting.

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PitCharger Lagoon Treatment Concentrate

LTC is a concentration of heavy duty digestive bacteria that is effective in breaking down organic waste through enzymatic production and digestion. We often use LTC as an initial product in working with severe solids and crusting problems. The bacteria in LTC are also found in Manure Digester, just not as concentrated.

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PitCharger Enzyme Complex

Enzyme Complex is a blend of enzymes with a heavy application of cellulase, which is designed to break down cellulose, the hulls and pericarp found in DDGS. This is similar to how biofuels are created with corn stalks and switch grass. We have had good success in reducing and eliminating problems with crusting (and flies) caused by DDGS.

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