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A landfill is, without a doubt, one of the spaces that will wind up with some pretty intense odors. Looking for ways to reduce those stinky smells? PitCharger is the answer. Here are a few of the reasons that landfills are turning to PitCharger to reduce odors.

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PitCharger Works Fast

Pitcharger’s ORB was developed to work in industrial settings to reduce odor in septic tanks and drains; through testing and development, it has been found to help in landfills, slaughterhouses, and industrial manufacturing. One of the factors that most people love about the PitCharger product is that It can reduce odor by up to 50% in 24 hours and significantly reduce odors by 75% or greater after three days. That is incredibly fast for such a drastic change in odor.

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Reduce Landfill Odor Complaints

Tired of hearing about how bad the landfill smells? Whether you’re dealing with complaints from employees or from neighbors of the landfill, it’s important that you’re able to tackle the problem fast. We can help reduce the odor in your landfill in a timely manner through our efficient application process. Interested in having this done? Keep reading to learn more about the process.

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How Does It Work?

The PitCharger process truly is efficient and effective. As the odor-binding molecules immediately reach out and lock up odorous gases, bacteria strains begin to accelerate the decomposition process, which takes odor reduction to the next level. Given that these solid pieces of waste that would otherwise sit and continue to decompose at a slow rate would only contribute to the odor, this first step makes a significant difference. It’s why most users will notice a 50% reduction in odor within the first 24 hours.

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Increase Landfill Capacity

As the bacteria degrades and breaks down, organic waste landfill capacity is increased significantly. We have seen gains of 10% to 30% in a landfill. So, on top of the odor reduction that you’ll be getting with PitCharger, you’ll also visibly see a difference in the amount of waste that this product is breaking down.

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Better for the Environment

That runoff of landfill waste can be harmful to the environment and leach into the soil and water table. The bacteria that we touched on earlier can treat leachate, ultimately reducing the number of toxins, chemicals, and nitrogen coming from the waste within the landfill. This product winds up making your landfill cleaner, which is better for the environment.

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