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Farming and Livestock Production News

Welcome to our Industry News!  Here you will find links to interesting articles related to the livestock and farming industry.  Check back often! New articles will be posted frequently!

Below are some general resources where you can find articles on many topics.   Iowa State University, Extension and Outreach, offers a scientific perspective on manure, including its management and handling, options for treatment, use as fertilizer, the impact it can have on the environment, and new technologies being developed to improve the use of manure.

Kansas Pork  See the "Farmer Resoures" tab.  While some of the information may be specific to Kansas, the website is a great resource for many articles.  One of our favorites is the article on the Benefits of Manure.

National Pork Board.PNGThe National Pork Board is a great resource for hog producers.  We found two useful links with a lot of information you will find helpful.

Environmental Sustainability 


Pork Gateway logo.JPGPork Information Gateway This site provides information broken into 17 categories covering all facets of the pork industry. The Resources tab has great articles, all written by experts in thier field. 

thepigsitelogo.pngOur favorite category....Environmental Management is another great site with topics in many different categories.  Articles new every day!