Feed Digester

Feed Spills  are hard to Break down

PitCharger's Feed Digester is designed to break down grains and corn pith. The hard outer shell protecting inside. It competes against harmful bacteria making the environment healthier. Feed Digester breaks down and decomposes spilled grain hulls and other organic materials. It competes naturally cleans and and reduces the amount of harmful bacteria such as E-coli. Feed Digester quickly breaks down grain hulls and other organic materials.

PitCharger Manure Digester

When a feed spill occurs it usually when nobody's there. Feed Digester has worked on spills from 300 pounds to 16,000 pounds. The bacteria and enzymes mixture is injected into the spell. The spill is usually conical in shape rising up from the bottom of the manure pits. It's heavy packed and will not break down on its own. We have talked with producers who tried to break it apart with high pressure hoses and power washers.

By injecting Feed Digester around the base of the spell, the bacteria and enzymes begin to break down and destabilize the

Manure Digester Product Label | SDS PitCharger Manure Digester 2019.pdf

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New! Feed Digester...

Feed spills, in combination with manure, can be difficult to clean up. If not disposed of properly, these feed spills can create a breeding ground for E-coli Bacteria, Salmonella and Parasites.

PitCharger Feed Digester consists of all natural and feed-grade enzymes that will naturally clean and eliminate harmful bacteria. It cleans inanimate organic particles and contaminants and is safe for use around animals and plants. Seed hulls and other organic materials are quickly decomposed and reduced into basic components that are easily absorbed into the environment.

Application: Apply 1 cup of Feed Digester next to the feed spill, making sure it mixes with the liquid manure. Repeat weekly until the feed is digested or flushed out of the barn.

SDS Feed Digester.pdf

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