Why Should I Use a Pit Additive on My Farm?

Pit Additives can save you time and money.

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Pit Additives are valuable tools that assist in odor control for farms. A producer must remain focused on state mandates for their manure management while still considering their bottom line. It can be difficult to accurately maintain your manure while still ensuring that your crops are well-circulated, cultivating a fantastic harvest for you at the end of every growing season. Pit additives provide a return of investment for your manure.

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Increase workplace safety

Increase workplace safety by eliminating harmful odors so that your dedicated team can complete each task effortlessly. Farmers are often exposed to toxic chemicals such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. Utilizing pit additives limits the potential for such risks.

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Pit additives can save you time

Pit additives can save you time by providing preventative measures since pit additives help you consider your bottom line as you monitor the condition of your manure system. Pit additives help your team focus on the work that matters.

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Pit additives can save you money

Pit additives can save you money by eliminating potential farm threats and dangers. Damages to your farm or farmers can become costly. Purchasing pit additives is a much smaller investment that will go a long way over time.

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Achieve your business goals

Achieve your business goals with pit additives. As your farm continues to grow, you must possess the tools to keep it strong with high-quality manure fertilizer. Pit additives eliminate the potential for massive flaws that could stop you from reaching your goals.

At PitCharger, we believe that utilizing pit additives can enforce your business’s power by complying with state regulations for manure fertilizer. When you give yourself the tools to succeed, you are effectively standing out alongside your competition. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions about pit additives from PitCharger.

Learn more about what PitCharger can do for you!