Why Poultry Producers Should Use PitCharger Products

Our products aid in the development of soil health, manure breakdown, odorous gases reduction, and fly control. Pitcharger's products bio augment waste and help it decompose in a healthy manner. If you're struggling with problems, our experience and products can solve those problems for you. Unhappy neighbors, unhealthy animals, problems with the manure storage system are issues we deal with daily. Let us help you solve the problem so you can focus on the other challenges you're dealing with.


Odor Reduction

Poultry producers know that poultry odor is a major issue for poultry farms and our PitCharger products are the solution! Our poultry odor control products help keep your air clean and smelling fresh while also reducing poultry odors so you don't have to worry about offending neighbors with bad smells coming from your farm. Our products work to reduce odor and in as little as 24 hours significantly. We have several products that can digest odor-causing organic material and break down odor-causing gases.

Healthy Chicken

Overall Healthier Birds

We have had customers call us with severe odor problems in their barn. Ammonia levels high enough to cause nose and eye. Irritation after a few minutes inside the barn. After treating with pitcharger, the ammonia levels drop dramatically. The overall health of the birds increased, mortality rates declined and it was easier to clean the barn for restocking. Pitcharger products prevent waste buildup on the floor. By reducing the amount of waste buildup in the barn, odor declines and airborne viruses drop. Healthier birds, healthier work environment, and less wear and tear on your machinery.

Cleaner Barn, Healthier Chickens

Cleaner Barn

Salmonella and other hazardous illnesses can eliminate profitability. by using Pitcharger's products to keep your barn cleaner, you gain long-term positive results. Reduce odor, better working environment and healthier birds are the result of pitcharger's products, keeping your barn cleaner.

PitCharger,  Happy Neighbors

Happier Neighbors

Using Pitcharger's Products to reduce odors and produce a quality life in your community and on your farm. Manure gives off harmful gases. Biopaugmentation of the manure with PitCharger reduces gassing odor and makes the manure easier to clean and handle throughout the process. Our customers often get compliments when they're applying manure to the field because their neighbors can't smell the manure as they applied the manure in the fields. A final benefit is your plant's available nitrogen increases by an average of 20%. Happier neighbors, less odor and better manure for your plants are a few of the reasons you should use PitCharger.

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