How Does PitCharger Work?

PitCharger enhances your total farm operation.

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Your manure as fertilizer needs to be in prime working condition while following state regulations and mandates. This can be frustrating, as you’re constantly focused on your bottom line, and these guidelines can feel limiting. However, pit additives from PitCharger help prevent problems before they begin, offering you a one-time investment for lifetime returns.

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Why do you need pit additives in your pit manure or lagoon?

Managing your farm’s manure quality is a full-time job. There are many factors to consider, especially that your farmers could be exposed to harmful chemicals if the manure isn’t adequately treated. Using pit additives eliminates these issues, giving your farmers and livestock a healthy environment.

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How PitCharger Works:

Pit additives from PitCharger are used on your manure on a monthly business to create balance within its pH systems, detergents, and feed types. The anaerobic bacteria used in our products are great for bottom sludge and digestion. These conditions help reduce odors.

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What PitCharger Does:

PitCharger helps accelerate the process of natural decomposition, which effectively reduces odor. These pit additives digest fiber, breaking up crust into small pieces, casting away flies that would otherwise see your manure pit or lagoon as a breeding ground. Additionally, harmful bacteria are eliminated.

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Invest in your farm, invest in your community.

Using pit additives doesn’t just eliminate odors; it also helps improve the quality of life in your community and on your farm. Manure exposes those around it to harmful chemicals if not treated properly, so utilizing chemical-free products like pit additives reduces the chances of encountering these problems.

PitCharger aims to help you consider your bottom line while following state guidelines and regulations for farms. Our natural, chemical-free products provide preventative measures for significant problems with your manure as fertilizer. Your manure pit or lagoon requires expert care, and utilizing our pit additives can help ensure many years of success for your farm.

Learn more about what PitCharger can do for you today!